Domaine du Petit Pérou lies in the Beaujolais wine-growing region, 400 km south of Paris and 50 km north of Lyon.

The vines are treated with very special care. Entirely hand-pruned using secateurs at the end of the winter, the vineyards are then ploughed throughout in spring, so as to limit the use of herbicides right up to the grape harvest.

The vineyards are inspected and vines are treated only when necessary – in order to meet the requirements for sustainable wine-growing. In October, the winemakers plough a second time to eliminate the weeds before winter.

Laurent Thevenet

Following his studies in wine-growing and œnology at the Avize wine-growing college in the Champagne region, Laurent came back to work with his father at Domaine du Petit Pérou.

After more than ten years of experience, he took over managing the property in 2005.

The Domaine has expanded and diversified.

The 18 hectares of producing vineyards grow a majority of Morgon, on 10 hectares, some white, through planting of the Chardonnay grape variety in 2003, some Beaujolais on around 2.5 hectares, and the latest newcomer, the “Syrah Désir”, following planting of the Syrah grape variety, on sale since the 2016 harvest.

The profession of wine-grower has changed enormously. While also managing the work in the vineyards, Laurent is most often out delivering in the Paris region, as well as other regions of France.

Hugo Thevenet

Hugo finished his studies in 2015. Vocational Diploma in Vineyards and Wine, then Higher Technical Diploma in Technical Sales for Wines & Spirits.

He started very young and is determined to perpetuate the values of the Domaine. In order to direct, organize, command, you need to be able to set an example, and hence pass through all the stages of the work on the estate.