Pierreclos Imports Newsletter – September 2018

Big news!

New wines are on the way and, for the first time, arriving directly to the Port of Oakland! Just in time for fall, we are excited to introduce you to two new domaines joining the Pierreclos Imports adventure!

We are expanding our borders outside the Maconnais to welcome two very special wines from Beaujolais and the Rhone Valley to California!

Antoine Roux was Paul’s roommate in Alameda when he came in 2016 to work his second harvest in California. He quickly became good friends with both Paul and Ale. Upon returning to France in 2017, Antoine took over his family’s estate, Domaine de la Taurelle, with his brother Martin.

The winery is in the Vaucluse area and is neighbors with Lucie of Domaine de Lucena who makes the lovely Rosé you have been enjoying. We’re thrilled to bring you our favorite of Antoine’s wines, a 100% Grenache, cuvee “La Truffiere”, named after the famous mushrooms of the region.


Our second new estate, Petit Perou (“Little Peru”, for the terrain of the region), is from Beaujolais, just over the hills from Paul’s family winery. This varietal is not what you would expect from the region known for its Gamay—it is a one-of-a-kind Syrah. The typically deep and velvety Syrah grape from warmer regions transforms into a delicate, refined wine in the hands of Thierry and Hugo Thevenet.

Hugo, the son of estate owners at Petit Perou, is another young winemaker that Paul met at wine school in 2012. Trust us, this Syrah is an amazing discovery. We have shared a few sample bottles with lucky friends, and so far it has blown everyone away.

This is the first time Hugo and Antoine will be shipping their wines overseas, and we’re so happy they decided to trust us with their first introduction to America. Our wine club members will get special pricing and first access to these wines right when they arrive. They’ll be available for purchase on our website soon after. We know you’ll love them.


Paul and Ale

Founders, Pierreclos Imports