Domaine du Petit Pérou Syrah Beaujolais 2015



Direct from our friend Hugo at Domaine du Petite Pérou, this rare wine is a syrah from Beaujolais, home of gamay. This syrah is made in a light and refined style, but will surprise you with its richness and its unique fruit, spice and darkness! Incredible!


  • Young vineyard
  • 100% Syrah
  • 42hL/Ha Yield
  • Sandy Soils


  •  100% hand-picked
  • 25 day cold fermentation
  • Aged in 120 gallon barrel
  • 12.5% alcohol
  • Dry


  • Appearance: Deep intensity, dark purple.
  • Nose: Pronounced, but very delicate notes of blackcurrant, strawberry and ripe plum. Followed by eucalyptus and licorice.
  • Mouth: Dry, full, intense body with low alcohol. Nice balance and match with aromas. Ripe, dark fruit and fresh jamminess. Followed by smooth violet floral aromas and a light toasted (roasted) flavor.


  • For most enjoyable tasting, pour the wine between 15.5° – 18.3° C.
  • Open anytime in the next 15 years. This syrah is already great and will develop exceptionally over the next decade.

Food Pairing:

  • This wine is perfect to share over a long dinner with your family on a lazy Sunday or over the holidays. Lamb ribs, duck terrine, and pork shoulder will pair excellently with this wine. We personally like it with tuna steak or fresh lemon pie.