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We connect you to small wine producers in France, offering a carefully made, high-quality product at a great value. Check out our producers and wines.

Our Mission

Our company is based on friendships, personal connections, enjoying life and good wines. These values guide how we choose our wines and how we run our business. Our wines come from friends and family in France who work carefully on their wine from field to bottle with complete control over the winemaking process. There are so many small farmer-winemakers making great wine who don’t have the time or opportunity to sell outside of their local market. Because of our personal connections, they’re taking a risk and trusting us with their wines halfway across the world. Our mission is to support these small producers by expanding their market, and to provide you, our friends in California, with a great, artisanal product that you can’t get anywhere else.

The Mâconnais

Because our wines come from close friends and family, the wine we offer is focused regionally. Starting with Paul’s parents, Jean-Luc and Veronique at Domaine Coteaux des Margots in Pierreclos, we are searching for the best wines from our friends in the surrounding region of Macon, in the south of Burgundy. Maconnais wine is delicate and floral, with a balanced acidity and relatively low alcohol content. The dominant grapes are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Gamay, the typical grape of Beaujolais (just over the hills). The climate is generally cool and wet in the Maconnais, and their limestone soils produce the best wines.

About Us

Paul comes from a winemaking family in the Southern Burgundy village that gave our company its name.  Leaving Europe for the first time after finishing winemaking school he had the opportunity to come to California to practice his English, make wine, and experience the California way of life he had heard so much about at home.

Alejandro, who grew up in the South Bay, was also working his first harvest season after being introduced to the wine industry in South America.

Pierreclos Imports was started by Paul Duroussay and Alejandro Brambila, two friends who met in 2015 working as harvest interns for Jeff Cohn Cellars in Richmond, CA. All of the hours spent together doing punch downs, fighting off fruit flies and keeping things California clean at the winery led to a great friendship, and that fall we started to think about starting our own project together.  After getting a taste of pruning, harvesting and making wine from grapes that we salvaged from birds in Nevada City we realized that it might be better to start off having someone else make the wine for us! We decided to start an import business based around the great wines produced by Paul’s family, and the seed of Pierreclos Imports was born.

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